Our Brand

Brooklyn Bandit is a women’s luxury footwear brand with collections designed in Brooklyn, NY, and brought to life by European manufacturing ateliers. We are a sustainable fashion company, with a production process that focuses on ethical and environmental responsibility.

We offer versatile pieces that are inspired by classic silhouettes and infused with a dose of Brooklyn street style, resulting in a unique blend of contemporary trends and designs that exude timeless elegance.

Our company prides itself in its slow and considered creation process, rooted in traditional footwear craftsmanship. From the first cut to the last polish, our shoes are handmade by master artisans. Our development lifecycle is centered around quality, sustainability, and mindful creation, with each collection produced in limited batches so as to minimize our environmental impact.

The result is an assortment of high-quality footwear pieces, purposefully designed and ethically made for you to enjoy this season and beyond.

Our Founder

Brooklyn Bandit was founded by Linda Andric (née Dragovic), a footwear product development specialist with a decade-long track record of designing, creating, and sourcing women’s shoes.

Prior to launching Brooklyn Bandit, Linda was the Director of Product Management at Ralph Lauren, where she led sourcing and development of women’s Polo Footwear and Accessories. She served as the head of product development for various other brands, including Capezio, where she worked on performance footwear.

Linda founded Brooklyn Bandit to create beautiful, high-quality women’s footwear in an ethical and sustainable manner. At the core of her company are Linda’s personal values – commitment to quality, social and environmental responsibility, fairness, and integrity. “Today’s consumer,” she notes, “is smart and informed. She cares not only about the aesthetics of her products, but also about their quality and how they were made. This shift in consumer behavior makes me optimistic about the future of the [fashion] industry.” It is this new, socially responsible and eco-conscious consumer that Brooklyn Bandit aims to serve.

Linda believes that small, independently owned brands like hers are the ones to spearhead the slow fashion movement and bring about change. Replacing mass manufacturing with small-batch creation, swapping disposable products with ones meant to last, and engineering prices in a way that is fair to both consumers and manufacturers are key to success, in her view. “With no inflated margins, our customers enjoy fair and honest pricing for luxury products that are made in Europe.”

Despite having recently launched, Linda and her team are working relentlessly to further improve their sustainability practices, expand their size assortment, and launch limited edition collections produced by specialty ateliers.

When not obsessing about all things footwear, Linda can be found looking at funny dog videos, going on long hikes with her husband and dog, practicing yoga, and cooking.

“Our family puts a lot of love in our products and business. We hope you enjoy wearing our shoes as much as we enjoyed bringing them to life!” - Linda Andric